Quality Installation

A quality installation begins with a professional design:

What if your home’s heating and cooling needs have changed since the last system was installed many years ago?

Unfortunately, some contractors merely size a new system based on the old system’s capacity rather than completing a professional design.

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What if the original system was not adequately sized when the home was built?

The comfort of your home may be diminished if your new system is undersized due to sizing errors. Even worse, oversizing will unnecessarily raise the project's price and cause moisture-related issues in the future.

A professional load calculation and system design require time and experience to complete. Contractors that lack the technical know-how required or who are only looking to make a "quick buck" may attempt to persuade you that this is not significant.

Would you prefer to travel in a poorly designed elevator or aircraft? Quality design is crucial in almost every product we use, including heating and cooling systems.

HVAC System design must begin with load calculations.

The goal is to be comfortable all year. In the summer, your air conditioning system not only cools the air in your home (sensible cooling) but also removes moisture (Latent Cooling). In the winter, your heating system must keep you warm while avoiding high utility bills.

Your contractor will carefully measure your home and assess its insulation levels. Windows' sizes and quantities will be recorded, infiltration levels will be estimated, and internal loads such as lighting and kitchen appliances will be considered.

A computerized analysis will be performed to determine how much heating and/or cooling capacity your new system should have. After your new system is installed, you will receive a copy of the computerized load calculation for your records.


Selecting the right equipment

Heating and air conditioning systems are available in a variety of capacities, configurations, and efficiencies. It is critical that your contractor chooses equipment that is compatible with your home's heating and cooling requirements. Again, it is difficult for a contractor to select the appropriate equipment if an accurate load calculation has not been performed.

All too often, old heating and cooling systems are replaced without considering the ductwork. Ductwork that is properly installed and maintained can last for twenty years or more. However, time, heat, and humidity can all degrade duct insulation.

Your ducts may have accumulated contaminants that should be removed over time. Consider this. Have some rooms in your house been more uncomfortable than others? It's either too hot or too cold.

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Focus On Floor Vent In Room With Carpet

Don't Ignore Your Home's Duct System

Now Is the time for your contractor to assess the amount of air each room should receive and to ensure that your duct system is clean and configured to deliver the proper air to the heating and/or air conditioning system if your ducts need to be repaired or replaced.'


Room Air Distribution is provided by grilles and registers

Your return air grille(s) and supply air registers are critical in providing heating and cooling comfort. There are times when simply replacing one or more of these devices can result in a noticeable improvement in the thermal comfort of your home.

Undersized return grilles can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning system as well as the comfort of your home. Your contractor will ensure that these devices are properly sized and operating, and may make recommendations for improved performance.


Choosing the Right Contractor Is Critical

Purchasing a new heating and/or air conditioning system is a big decision, right up there with buying a house, a car, and paying for your children's college education. It is critical to choose the right contractor to design and install your new system.

After all, homeowners only replace their heating and cooling systems every ten or twenty years...

Maybe a little longer. Making Certain That Your New System Is Professionally Designed And Installed Is Critical To Ensuring Your Home's Comfort For Many Years To Come.


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