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A Professional HVAC Installation Begins With A Quality Design

A professional HVAC installation begins with a quality HVAC design

"Has your home's heating and cooling needs changed since the last system was installed many years ago?"

"What if the system was not sized appropriately to begin with?"

An incorrectly sized heating or cooling system can negatively impact the comfort of your home. In addition, an oversized system can lead to moisture-related issues down the road, resulting in unnecessary expenses and extra work.

It takes time and expertise to complete a professional load calculation and system design. Contractors who are lacking in the necessary technical skills or who just want to make a 'quick buck' may try to convince you that this is not important. Would you want to ride an elevator or an airplane that was not professionally designed? Quality design is important in virtually every product we use, including heating and air conditioning systems.

Your air conditioning system (sensible cooling) cools your home’s air in the summer, removing moisture (latent cooling). In the winter, your heating system must keep you comfortable without resulting in high utility bills. Throughout the year, comfort is the priority.

Your contractor will carefully measure your house and evaluate its levels of insulation. The sizes and numbers of the windows will be recorded, the amounts of infiltration will be calculated, and internal loads including lighting and kitchen equipment will be taken into account.

After the new system is installed, a computerized load calculation will indicate how much heating and cooling capacity is required. A computerized analysis will be completed to determine exactly how much heating and cooling capacity your new system should deliver.

Choosing the right equipment is important

There are many sizes, setups, and efficiency levels of heating and air conditioning equipment. Your contractor should select the proper equipment for your home's heating and cooling needs. It's critical that the equipment is compatible. A contractor who is attempting to select the proper equipment is unlikely to do so if an accurate load estimate hasn't been created.

When old heating and air conditioning systems are replaced without giving any thought to the old ductwork, all too often, time, heat, and humidity can degrade your duct insulation. Properly installed and maintained ductwork can last up to twenty years or more.

Has your house ever had some rooms that were colder or hotter than others? Because ducts collect contaminants over time, it is possible that some rooms may be less comfortable than others.

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Your home's duct system shouldn't be forgotten.

Your contractor should verify that your duct system is clean and configured to deliver the right amount of air to your heating or cooling system, as this will ensure the system is working efficiently. To do so, the contractor should measure the cubic feet per minute (CFM) in each room and evaluate the amount of air each room should get.

This process is known as air balancing. Air balancing ensures that all rooms have enough air for them to be comfortable and, at the same time, it can help you save money by avoiding energy waste. Additionally, this process helps improve indoor air quality and makes sure that your heating or cooling system is working correctly. A balanced ventilation system will significantly improve comfort levels in your home while also preserving energy.

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Room air is distributed by grilles and registers

An air grille or register can have a large impact on the thermal comfort of your home. Replacing one or more of these devices may improve thermal comfort in your home.

An air conditioning system's efficiency as well as occupant comfort can be decreased if return grilles are undersized. Your contractor will check to make sure these devices are properly sized and functioning and may suggest ways to improve performance.

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Choosing the right contractor is crucial

When you are in the market for a new heating and/or air conditioning system, you are making one of the biggest decisions of your life, ranking only behind paying for your home, your cars, and your children's college educations. Choosing the right contractor to design and install your new system is critical.

It’s true that homeowners only purchase a new heating and air conditioning systems once every 10 or 20 years…or longer. To ensure your home’s comfort for years to come, it is crucial that your new system be professionally designed and installed.

It's not just an expensive dwelling, it's also a huge investment in your future health and comfort.


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