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Save money and live more comfortably with a smart home powered by a smart thermostat.

Want to save money on your energy bill? How about having more control over the temperature of your house? Then you need a good thermostat, and Silicon Valley Comfort can help you with that.

Many people don’t understand the importance of a thermostat. When it’s programmed correctly, which our team will help you with, it will save you money by not overusing heat or air. They can be timed perfectly to your schedule, so you use them less when you’re out, and more when you’re home.

Automatic adjustments also means that you can kick your feet back and relax in the cool air during hot summers without lifting a finger. When the cool months arrive, you’ll be cozier than ever with the perfect amount of heat, too.

If you dread waking up in the morning to the freezing air, you can program them to heat your home just before you get out of bed. Similarly, thermostats can be set up to give you that relaxing cold breeze when you get home from work.

Bryant Evolution Connex Series B

Smart Thermostat To Predict Your Needs

Silicon Valley Comfort is also Nest Pro certified, so if you opt for a smart thermostat you will enjoy a heap of other benefits, including:

  • Being able to control the thermostat from your smartphone, whether you’re around or not.
  • Having the ability to keep tabs on other properties you’re not at.
  • Get email alerts in real time as temperatures change that are not normal.
  • Save money with energy saving settings.
  • Analyze your energy usage to understand exactly how much you’re spending, and where savings can be made.

Our certified team will show you to properly use and program your new thermostat, saving you countless hours from learning yourself.

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