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A ductless unit can be installed almost anywhere and provides efficiency and comfort in any room.

Silicon Valley Comfort can install a ductless unit into your home. They're wall mounted heating and cooling systems. These allow you to keep your windows free, while taking up less space, and can be mounted wherever you prefer since they don’t require a duct.

Ductless units are very cost efficient because they don’t require as much power to operate, as well. The air is directly blown into a room, preventing excess bills from heating or cooling areas which aren’t occupied.

Multi stage filtration systems pushes high quality air out of these units, which reduces dust, allergens, and overall they are much more environmentally friendly.

You can reduce your carbon footprint, look forward to year round comfort, and lessen monthly bills by opting for a ductless unit today.

Silicon Valley Comfort HVAC Services - Ductless Unit

Efficiency & Affordability With A Ductless Unit

Ductless HVAC units can go anywhere and they're more efficient than window units. They even provide all of the benefits you would get with a more expensive system. There are plenty of name brands to choose from, and they come with modern features like adjustable controls and remote controls.

Ductless heating and air conditioning units are extremely energy efficient. If you’re on a budget, not only do you save on the initial cost, but they have excellent energy efficiency ratios.

We will install your ductless unit in no time at all from a certified HVAC contractor. Our team is always on standby if you need repairs or troubleshooting assistance.

Your best interests is our top priority when installing your new ductless unit. This is why we only offer fair prices and recommend units that are suitable for your budget and situation.

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