Service Contracts for Heating and Air Conditioning

Before signing any HVAC service agreements, you should think about a few things. Every HVAC system needs to be serviced on a regular basis. If you're willing and capable, you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself. A plan may be a reasonable choice if you are unable to remember to do scheduled maintenance or if you are unable to perform the work yourself. HVAC maintenance contracts, service agreements, and comfort plans are all terms used to describe these arrangements. They are, nevertheless, essentially the same thing. The majority of the time, the word "contract" is omitted, although that is exactly what they are

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Is there a solution that benefits both parties?


In addition, preventive maintenance on all HVAC equipment is required in either case. There are fewer repair calls when an HVAC equipment is properly maintained. The equipment will need to be repaired at least once a year, according to the manufacturer. This is done to ensure that the parts last as long as possible, allowing the company to save money. Your utility costs will reflect the energy savings you save by keeping your HVAC system clean.

These contracts have two primary objectives. They help the HVAC dealer make money during sluggish times. The HVAC servicing industry slows down during the milder months of the year, such as the fall and spring. During these times, dealers typically have the same business expenses as before, but they earn less money. They might supplement their income during the quiet season by offering service contracts.

Types of Contracts

A standard HVAC service contract starts with a basic plan. This service normally includes a thorough inspection of the air conditioner and furnace. However, this service is frequently coupled with labor expenditures. In addition to regular checkups, worn parts or consumables (such as the air filter) are usually covered, with no fee for replacement parts and quick service.

During a heat wave or a cold snap, the demand for air conditioning repair services skyrockets, and most companies can't keep up with the influx of requests. So, when you need service RIGHT NOW because it's over 100 degrees in San Jose, you can call hundreds of local HVAC providers in a panic, only to be told that there isn't any availability for at least several weeks.

Would a service agreement for your HVAC system be beneficial to you?

 The good news is that all of Silicon Valley Comfort's service agreements include priority services.
If you call for service, we will respond the same day.

At the highest level of the contract, checkups, emergency services, and priority services are usually covered. This is especially useful for folks who need to budget and are concerned about unexpected expenses. As the plan level grows, so does the price. The most basic plans cost around $200 per year, while the most expensive ones cost between $300 and $500 each year.

What are your alternatives?

To begin, figure out how much routine maintenance you can take on yourself. You can do the suggested maintenance even if you are a novice DIYer (YouTube has lots of walk-through examples of how to perform maintenance). But don't forget to factor in the expense of repairs.

Is the manufacturer's warranty still valid?

If it is, there is no need to buy a contract with repair parts included. Because the contract would already cover the parts.

Is the equipment old and no longer under warranty?

Have you had to pay a lot for repairs in the past?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, consider how much money you have available.
Keep in mind that if your unit is so old, you might want to consider replacing it. In this instance, the contract will most likely cost you between $300 and $500 per year.

You will have saved a large amount of money in a few years that you may put towards getting a new system. You will be better informed and able to make more informed decisions regarding whether HVAC service agreements are suited for you and your house after examining these aspects. As a result, your expenses will be reduced. Furthermore, your equipment will be well-maintained.

Ready to work with an HVAC contractor with integrity?

Request a service call with no obligation. We'll make sure you have the knowledge to make the right decision for your home's comfort and efficiency.

Silicon Valley Comfort will identify and prevent problems with your HVAC units, saving you time, money, and headaches.

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