Quality Air Depends On The Ductwork That Moves The Air Throughout Your Home.

Ducts help move air in and around rooms properly, whether it’s heated from a furnace or the cool breeze from an air conditioner. However, these ducts need to be properly installed and balanced to maintain proper heating and cooling. If they aren't properly installed, sealed, and maintained, your HVAC system won't perform at peak performance.

Our team at Silicon Valley Comfort are trained experts at properly installing and testing ducts and CFM Air balancing.

If you notice the following things in your home or office the ducts could be the culprit, contact us today:

  • Un-even heating and cooling
  • There is no record of the ducts being tested
  • Leakage in the ductwork
  • The system is not heating or cooling like it used to


Ductwork Leak Testing & CFM Air Balance Improves Overall HVAC Performance

There are many benefits you will gain from having your ducts cleaned. These include:

Improved airflow: You and your family will be more comfortable with a system that distributes air properly. With properly tested and repaired ductwork comes better airflow and less load on the heating and cooling system.

Energy savings: Did you know that according to the Depart of Energy, 30% of energy in commercial buildings is wasted? Improperly tested and maintained ductwork is the biggest culprit. Your other HVAC units and systems will have to work harder to make up leaks. Having the ducts tested will ensure leaks are found and repaired for maximum HVAC system efficiency.

Safer air: A leak in the ductwork can let in contaminated air that creates an unsafe environment inside. Let our experienced team at Silicon Valley Comfort take care of the issue for you at the root.


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