San Jose furnace repairs

A furnace breaking down is the last thing you want as a homeowner. It's stressful, but Silicon Valley Comfort is here to help. 

Our trained technicians will arrive at your home or business in San Jose for furnace repairs at any time that fits your schedule and fix your furnace quickly.

It's common for furnace air filters to clog and for the dust to build up over time, which slowly wears the furnace down and reduces the heat it outputs.

Airflow becomes reduced, and it's harder to circulate throughout your home or office. In such situations, you may notice that your furnace isn't giving off as much heat as it once was.

Normal wear and tear is another culprit, especially if your furnace is old. We'll give you honest information to help you make the right decision.

Honesty and integrity are our priority; even if you need a furnace installation, we'll give it to you straight.

At silicon valley comfort, we offer a comprehensive range of services to address common furnace issues. Ranked #1 in san jose furnace repairs: experts ready 24/7
Ranked #1 in san jose furnace repairs: experts available 24/7 |

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Silicon Valley Comfort is the number one choice for furnace repair services in San Jose. With a team of certified technicians, we ensure that all furnace makes and models receive efficient and same-day repairs. Our technicians are equipped with top-of-the-line parts and the latest tools, allowing us to deliver prompt services whenever needed.

We understand how crucial it is to have a furnace running in the winter months, and we provide 24/7 emergency repair services to ensure that your furnace will be back up and running in no time. At Silicon Valley Comfort, we believe in transparency and making our customers feel at ease. We will take the time to explain the repair process and answer any questions you may have. We are proud to offer reliable and affordable furnace repair services. So, when you need furnace repairs, you can trust Silicon Valley Comfort to get the job done right.

Furnace air filters can become clogged with a buildup of dust over time, leading to decreased performance of your furnace and a decrease in heat production. This is due to a decrease in airflow in the system, resulting in difficulty for heat to circulate in your home or office. The impact of the clogged air filter is heightened in older furnace models with signs of normal wear and tear, as they can be less efficient and more prone to decreased performance.

To reduce the risk of furnace air filter clogging, it's good practice to regularly check your filters and clean or replace them when necessary. This will ensure that your furnace is functioning correctly and that you can enjoy the optimal level of heat output. It is also essential to take preventative measures to reduce the risk of cloggings, such as regularly cleaning your home and office with a vacuum cleaner and wet mop. This will help remove and reduce the dust in the air, thus reducing the chances of clogging. Additionally, to keep your furnace running efficiently, it's important to have it regularly serviced by a professional to ensure that all components are in top condition.

By practicing proper furnace maintenance, you can improve the longevity of your furnace and ensure that you are receiving the highest level of heat output. Regularly check your furnace air filters for signs of clogging, and clean or replace them when necessary. Additionally, take preventative measures to reduce the risk of clogging, such as regularly cleaning your home and office with a vacuum cleaner and wet mop. Finally, have your furnace regularly serviced by a professional to ensure its components are in the best condition and that you receive the most efficient heat output. Taking these steps will help to ensure that your furnace is in top working condition for years to come.

What To Expect When Working With Silicon Valley Comfort

At Silicon Valley Comfort, we offer a comprehensive range of services to address common furnace issues.

Whether it's replacing a worn belt that's causing squealing sounds or replacing worn ball bearings that are causing scraping sounds, we've got you covered. Frequent cycling and continual blowing without heat are other common issues we can resolve.

Working with us is a straightforward process. Give us a call to explain your situation, and we'll assess whether we're the right fit to solve your problem. If we are, we'll send our certified technicians equipped with the proper tools to repair your furnace.

Ranked #1 in san jose furnace repairs: experts ready 24/7
Ranked #1 in san jose furnace repairs: experts available 24/7 |

We offer fair pricing and aim to resolve your heating issues quickly, so you can get back to living your life. Restoring your furnace to good working condition improves its longevity and performance and saves energy.

A clean and well-maintained furnace operates more efficiently, produces more heat, and uses less energy. This means lower heating bills for you, a reduced environmental footprint, and faster warming of your spaces. In conclusion, when it comes to San Jose furnace repairs, Silicon Valley Comfort is the company you can rely on. We bring a wealth of experience, a commitment to excellence, and a dedication to customer satisfaction to every job.

Trust us with your furnace repair needs, and experience the Silicon Valley Comfort difference.

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  1. You give us a call to explain your situation.
  2. We gauge if we're a good fit to solve your problem.
  3. Silicon Valley Comfort sends certified technicians with proper equipment to repair the furnace if we are.
  4. We give you a fair price and resolve any heating issues you're having, so you can get back to living your life.

What is the most common furnace problem?

Illustration of a gas furnace, highlighting the inducer motor

It's important to ensure the thermostat is set to "heat" and at least five degrees above room temperature. The battery on the thermostat may also need to be changed.

Furnace Not Producing Heat: This could be due to a tripped or blown circuit breaker or fuse.

Furnace Not Producing Enough Heat: A clogged air filter could be the culprit here. Regularly replacing the furnace filter is a simple but essential part of furnace maintenance.

Safety Switch on Furnace Door: If the furnace is not operating, one of the first things to check is the safety switch on the furnace door.

Clutter Around the Furnace: A cluttered area around the furnace can lead to unexpected fires and significant damage to the home.

Dirty Burners: Dirty burners can cause the furnace to malfunction. Regular cleaning of the burners is recommended.

Dirty Furnace Blower Wheel: Keeping a furnace blower lubricated will extend the furnace's life.

Faulty Limit Switch: A faulty limit switch could cause the blower to run continuously, significantly shortening the lifespan of the blower.

Ignition or Pilot Control: A faulty ignition system can significantly reduce the ability of the furnace to heat the home properly.

Short Cycling: This could be due to a dirty or worn-out air filter or issues with the blower motor and belts.

Blower Running Continuously: This could be a sign of a needed repair and could be due to a faulty limit control switch.

Noisy Furnace or Ductwork: Rumbling, squeaking, and rattles aren’t normal. The sounds may indicate a mechanical problem, airflow reductions, or a clogged burner.

Blocked Vents: A curtain or piece of furniture may obstruct the openings of one or more vents, preventing heat flow.

Dirty Flame Sensor: The flame sensor is a crucial safety feature on your gas heating equipment. A dirty flame sensor may cause the furnace to malfunction.

Gas Valve: The gas line should be set to "Open" If the furnace has a pilot light, check to see if it is lit.

Debris in the Combustion pipe and/or Exhaust pipe: If you have a high-efficiency furnace that vents and pulls in air from outside the house, ensure nothing is blocking the intake or exhaust.

We often come across pipes that are blocked with a roof jack that's too close to the outlet, not allowing it to escape into the atmosphere quickly.

Other situations can be tree debris or even rodents and birds that climb into the pipe to explore and get stuck and die due to the carbon monoxide venting through it.

Inducer failure can result from improper installation by unqualified personnel, excessive use of hard 90-degree pipe bends, or insufficient upward pipe slope, hindering swift exhaust expulsion.

Age of the Furnace: Furnaces are designed and built to last many years, but none keep running forever.

What is the most expensive repair on a furnace?

Gas furnace repairs in san jose

At Silicon Valley Comfort, we understand the importance of maintaining your HVAC system to avoid costly repairs or replacements. Here's how we can help you keep your system running smoothly, hers is a list of the five most expensive repairs that a gas furnace may one day have to undergo:

Heat Exchangers ($2,000 - $3,500 for replacement): Heat exchangers play a critical role in your furnace, transferring heat from the combustion gases to the air in your home. Regular inspections can help detect cracks or other issues that could lead to carbon monoxide leaks.

Draft Inducer Motor ($500 – $1,500):
This crucial component ensures the safe operation of your furnace by pulling combustion gases through the heat exchanger and pushing them out the flue. Regular inspection and a reliable carbon monoxide monitor can help prevent issues with this motor.

Circuit Board ($500 – $1,500): The circuit board is the brain of your furnace, controlling every component. Regular inspection and cleaning can prolong its lifespan, although, like any other technology, it can sometimes fail.

Blower Motor ($250 - $450 for repairs, up to $1,500 for replacement): The blower motor module and the capacitor are also critical components of your HVAC system, and they can be damaged in several ways:
• Electrical Issues: Power surges, short circuits, or wiring problems can damage the blower motor module.
• Overheating: If the blower motor module is forced to work harder than it should, it can overheat and fail.
• Age and Wear: The blower motor module can wear out over time and must be replaced.
• Capacitor: The capacitor provides the initial energy boost needed to start the blower motor.

Blower Motor Module ($1000 - $1600): The blower motor module controls the speed of the blower motor. If it fails, your HVAC system may not circulate air properly. Regular inspections can help detect any issues early on, and cleaning can prevent dust and debris from causing damage.

Preventative measures are essential when it comes to maintaining your furnace. Regular inspections and cleaning can prevent many issues from arising—Trust Silicon Valley Comfort for all your San Jose, CA, HVAC needs. We're here to ensure your comfort and safety.