When odd things happen with your air conditioner it might be time for a replacement.

Have you noticed your air conditioner turning on and off, making strange sounds, or not working as well it used to? These are all signs that it needs to be replaced. While your heart might drop when you realize this, it isn’t always a bad thing.

Having your current unit replaced with a new model means your home will be more efficient and have better airflow. That means improved health, sleep quality, and overall quality of life for you. You’ll get that relaxing cool breeze back you want so much in the San Jose weather.

Most air conditioners will last 10 to 20 years, so you may be in need of one if you haven’t replaced yours at that time. Units will typically get slower and louder with time, which results in you needing to pay more to keep it running while getting less out of it.

Your happiness and comfort is our priority. We will recommend a unit based on your individual budget and situation, not what’s best for us. Our certified team will also make sure that nearby ductwork is properly sealed and insulated to maximize the efficiency of your new air conditioner.

Product Line: Air Conditioners - Evolution Series Energy Star® Qualified: All Sizes Qualified SEER Range: 16 To 19.9 SEER SEER Rating: Up To 17.0 Compressor Type: Two-Stage Noise Level Range: 70+ Decibels Sound Rating (Decibels): As Low As 70 Evolution™ 2-Stage Coastal Air Conditioner Model: 187BNC

The Safety Of Professional Certified AC Installation

Safety is another one of our top priorities, which why our HVAC experts properly wire, mount, and test every unit.

Once the air conditioner is installed and you’re satisfied, we recommend performing annual checkups and pre-season preparations to boost its lifespan.

Request a free estimate with no obligation. We'll make sure you have the knowledge to make the right decision for your home's comfort and efficiency.

Don’t worry if you need an air conditioner replaced. Our professional team will do all of the hard work while offering a fair price.

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