San Jose AC Repair

You'll get back to indoor comfort in no time.

You wake up in a humid and hot room. You’re covered in sweat. What happened?

Your air conditioner broke.

There are many things that can go wrong with a complicated appliance like an air conditioner. You may be in need of an AC repair in your San Jose home or office, especially if you notice the following things:

  • Reduced airflow or ability for the AC to cool your home, which is typically due to clogged filters.
  • The seals around the unit have stripped or lost cohesion, which lets cold air escape before it even gets into your house.
  • Excess vibration and sounds can be caused by a fan that needs to be replaced or the unit needs to be moved into a better position.

We Can Help

If this sounds like your situation or you’re experiencing another issue with your air conditioner, give us a call. We offer our services & AC repairs in San Jose, as well as most surrounding areas. We will assess your situation over the phone, and create the best plan of action to have it fixed quickly.

When Your AC Is Running Properly

Once it’s running properly, you can look forward to benefits such as:

  • Work efficiency decreases, as nobody wants to work in a hot and sweaty environment.
    • Being comfortable thanks to a properly working air conditioner helps individuals focus and stay productive.
  • Improved health, since you won’t be breathing in dust, bacteria, or other air particles that are filtered through the air conditioner.
    • Better sleep quality.
    • When your core body temperature rises, so does your heart rate and blood pressure.
    • This makes it more difficult to fall asleep, but the cold breeze from an air conditioner prevents this.

Silicon Valley Comfort will quickly identify what is wrong with your air conditioner, and use our years of experience to solve the problem whenever you need us.

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