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Silicon Valley Comfort is Your Local Bryant Heating & Cooling System Dealer Available for Installations In San Jose, Ca & Surrounding Areas

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Johnathan Towner

Owner | Senior Technician

Johnathan started his journey within the HVAC industry at 16 years old. He started vocational training at the Central County Occupational Center in San Jose.

The program allowed high school students to earn credits for graduation by taking a special trades course for the second half of every weekday.

Johnathan became the class foreman within 6 months of his entry into the program. His responsibilities were to oversee other students on their daily projects. The class had adults and high school students working together for the year.

Johnathan led a small crew of other students while performing preventive maintenance on the rooftop HVAC units around campus.

After two and a half years and obtaining two certifications of industry recognition, he began working for a local contractor at 18 years old as an apprentice doing installations residential applications.


Nina Zanoletti

President | Administrator 

James Towner

Project Manager |  Mechanical Design & Custom Mechanical Fabrication's  

"I think that being a smaller shop gives us an advantage."

It's an advantage in the required skill and experience levels, which one really must acquire to be in this trade.

Not having a large workforce and the ability to accumulate a ton of income sounds worse than it is.

Because, with a large workforce comes inconsistency: inconsistent skill levels, quality, and overall respect for this trade.

With an investment as critical as the heating and cooling installation in someone's home, comes with stress, anxiety, and worrisome families.

We want to create a situation for each of our clients that allows them to rest assured. Assured, that things are going as they expect and that their investments are in the right hands.

Having confidence in a contractor is essential, but it's hard to find a contractor whom you can trust. The contractor might be a great guy.

"He must be competent enough in his trade to call himself a contractor, right?"

However, the facts are, the contractor himself will likely not be on-site, overseeing the operations. Who even knows how skilled his crew of employees are?

"I'd bet that there are many inconsistencies between them."

Do you think the average contractor is confident that the employees he hired all have what it takes? Does he/she know each of them well enough to count on them from day to day to make the appropriate decisions in the field consistently?

We want our projects to go smoothly for our clients, without the anxiety that comes during home improvements. It's about offering my customers my respect for their homes, family, and the HVAC trade.

Listen, I want to make money, and lots of it, but not the increased stress, and anxiety that comes with it. In the HVAC trade, there are too many companies that are quantity focused, rather than quality.


Silicon Valley Comfort is a small family business.Silicon Valley Comfort, LLC has been accredited by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Quality Assured (QA) program. It's just my fiance and I. Together, Nina and I provide 20 years of trade experience for our customers. We continue our education to be at our best and are contributing members of the largest HVAC associations in America.

The ACCA writes the book of Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning designs, trade regulations, and standards. Silicon Valley Comfort has been accredited by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Quality Assured (QA) program.

We educate each of our clients regarding their home's heating and air conditioning systems. We work alongside them, so they can understand what it takes to do these types of projects correctly. We show them how to maintain it all once we're finished.

When projects operate with close communication between the homeowners and ourselves, our customers are much more aware of the way the system works.

They're also much more mindful in regards to the importance of maintenance, and what it takes to keep their new equipment running as we've designed it.

Our reputation means more to us than a quick buck. Our customers don't see Silicon Valley Comfort as a money-hungry company.

"We all know, most contractors are."

However, once they've gotten to know us, our clients feel comfortable working along with us to meet their ultimate goals. While sketching up ideas to accomplish their comfort goals, together we can make the home far more comfortable than they've ever experienced.

The majority of the service appointments I get called out to has already had an HVAC company there, and unfortunately, had already gotten sold a bill of goods.

Then, of course, (and more often than not), I'll receive a service request to troubleshoot a broken A/C.

Then, when questioned about the cause of the A/C failure, such as "Where are your air filters located?"

I get the usual reply. "Filters? What filters?"...