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First cold snap of season means busy time for home heating technicians
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Our Services

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HVAC Equipment Installations

We use the industry's best practices when installing heating & cooling equipment. Installs carry five-year labor & maintenance to keep running effortlessly for many more years

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Service Agreements

All HVAC systems require routine maintenance. If you are willing and able to do it yourself, you can save money. If you cannot remember to do the scheduled maintenance or cannot physically do the work, a plan may be right for you

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HVAC Service Diagnostics

On-call and ready 24-Hours every day. No matter the time, if your heater isn't working at 2:00 AM, be the family hero, let's get a trained technician out there to repair that system before they wake up the following day

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Heating Services

Repairs, installations, and replacements that will restore warmth to any home or building, potentially decrease monthly bills, and improve heat circulation

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Cooling Services

Repairs, installations, and replacements to cool you down in the summer, improve sleep quality, and keep you breathing fresh air free of dust and bacteria

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Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Installation and service for Ductless Mini-Split units, which are comfortable and cost-saving options for businesses and homeowners, especially in an ADU unit

Cost Factors

Of course, certain factors can increase or decrease your Heating and or Air Conditioning service repair cost

Cost Factors


The average lifespan of an AC unit is 15 years. The Older the unit is, the more expensive your repair will be.

Efficiency & size

The average lifespan of a gas furnace is 18-22 years.


Both; Furnaces and Air Conditioning systems will have a significant increase in potential longevity; when routine maintenance is being done.

The extent of the damage

While the extent of the damage will undoubtedly play a more prominent role in your average HVAC repair bill, age will factor in.


Sadly, HVAC issues seem to come up at the worst times. That's because most of us do not use the air conditioner until summer or late spring. 

These are the months when that cool, constant airflow is most appreciated. But, believe it or not, other homeowners are going through the same dilemma.

John Towner Installing Horizontal High Efficient Gas Furnace, Ductwork, And A Variable Speed Heat Pump With An Inverter.

About Us 

Silicon Valley Comfort is a local family-owned business that provides fairly priced HVAC services.

Our friendly, certified, and experienced team can help you with any heating, ventilation, and air conditioning situation 24/7, whenever you need us.

We pride ourselves on treating customers like family and keeping your satisfaction and comfort as our top priority.

Our recommendations and advice are based on your individual budget and situation

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

At Silicon Valley Comfort, our loyal customer satisfaction begins with preventive maintenance.

Maintenance plans include:

  • Evaluation of all significant heating system components
  • Measurement of airflow
  • Evaluation of vents and safety features
  • Testing and calibration of system controls
  • Inspection of the heating components, heat exchangers, burners, exhaust, and more

During routine maintenance, technicians can spot failing or broken components within the equipment. It's best to make improvements and repairs before they cause trouble.

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Furnaces have a lifespan of about 20 to 25 years depending on the quality of the equipment ducting design and initial installation.

A heat pump can provide up to 15 to 18 years of reliable comfort. If you have an aging or inefficient heating system, you may want to check out the newer solutions that incorporate the latest technology into your home's HVAC systems.

Some of the most efficient choices for San Jose residents include:

Hybrid Heat – The most efficient type of HVAC system is the Hybrid heating/cooling system.

Hybrids offer both gas and electric heating operation based on external conditions; this is essential for those who fancy yourselves as a more responsible consumer, as they conserve energy. Thermostatic controls adjust the source for heating your home based on outdoor temperature readings.

Variable-Speed Gas Furnaces – Most furnaces only have a high heat output, which can be overwhelming during mild or colder conditions. Furnaces of today offer the ability to choose low or high settings; you can enjoy a more customized experience with evenly distributed temperatures throughout your home.

Also, variable-speed furnaces regularly operate at a much quieter level than fixed-speed heating and cooling systems. That's because of its ability to run at slower speeds. Less wasted energy. Less noise. More comfortable. Check out our complete line of fixed and variable-speed products.

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Smart Thermostats – Self-Diagnosing, Touchscreen programmable thermostats can be monitored through Wi-Fi networks by your equipment contractor/dealer for an immediate resolution. You can also customize the heating or cooling activities based on precise usage information.

Integrated HVAC – Coordinate appropriate indoor air quality equipment with your furnace or heat pump for healthier indoor air.

Contact us for more information on these newer technologies.

Silicon Valley Comfort's technicians are here 24-7.  Our top priority is to restore comfort in your home.

You can count on us from now on, during the winter months if you find yourself in need of reliable HVAC service.

Call us at 408-877-6911 for a live response & helpful information or dispatch.

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